Maan Karate

MoVie InFo : IMDb
IMDB rating:  5.0/10 1,135Genre:  Comedy , Drama
Size: 450Mb
Language:  HINDI – Tamil

QUALITY : 480p UNCUT HDRip x264

Director:  Thirukumaran
Stars: Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika Motwani, Soori

Movie Name : Maan Karate 2014 Dual Audio

Story… Four IT professionals who are on an outdoor trip meet a hermit inside a jungle, who predicts the future by giving them a leading Tamil newspaper which is going to be printed four months later. Going by the news in the daily, they track down Peter (Siva Karthikeyan) a normal middle-class guy who is supposed to win Rs 20 million in the Tamilnadu boxing championship after four months and sign an agreement.

Peter who doesn’t know anything about boxing is sponsored by these people who train him for the match. Meanwhile, Peter meets Yazhini (Hansika) in a mall and it is instant love for him and in lighting speed she reciprocates. Finally, Peter has to defeat the menacing Killer Peter(Vamsi) in the finals… Maan Karate 2014 Dual Audio UNCUT HDRip 480p 450Mb x264

Maan Karate is one of the worst movies that i have seen in recent times. Thanks for the DVD, otherwise i would have died in the theater.

Maan Karate is a story of care free guy who doesn’t know about Boxing (what a pity, he didn’t even heard of boxing) becomes a boxer to get his lover.

This movie is around 3 hours of hell. The acting, story, screenplay everything is dud in the movie. I still didn’t understand that how it stormed the box office.

Siva Karthikeyan as usual do his style of carefree guy who roams in town. He has to change this kind of selection (if he seriously thinks about the acting), otherwise in a couple of years he will be out of the industry. He did somewhat justice to the role, but in some scenes he was too irritating.

Hansika Motwani: She once again proved that acting is not her field. She is irritating from the introduction scene to the end.. She was really testing my patience. I don’t know why she is getting so many movies despite of her poor acting skills and extremely poor dancing skills..

Anirudh’s songs were enjoyable but was actually speed breakers. I think the director used the songs to complete the 150 mins duration. Anirudh’s background score was the major highlight of the movie. Songs picturization of the movie was also good in the movie.

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